Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy interface of our body-mind complex. They help us get in tune with the Universe and create harmony, peace, stability and abundance. Through thsi basic workshop you will experience:
1. Increased awareness and openness to Psychic and Spiritual Information
2. Faster and greater ability to heal your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Issues
3. Transform weaknesses into strengths
4. Easier Release of Non Supportive PatternsPsychic Potentials
5. Increased Passion for Life
6. Experience the Power of living Present in the Now
7. Overcome boredom by infusing spirit into mundane
8. Become comfortable facing uncertainty by tapping into the stability of your Self
9. Increased manifesting ability to create what You want in life
10. Access financial wisdom
11. Enjoy healthy and loving relationships
12. Greater pleasure and enjoyment in life
13. Realization of your self worth
14. Make clear choices that reflect who You are
15. Self confidence to accept and express yourself
16. Ease in experiencing Love and forgiveness of self and others.
17. Access inspiration to turn dreams into reality
18. Awareness and dedication to your Highest life path.
19. Increase the health and strength of your immune system
20. Recognition and increase intuition
21. Express and release emotions in a healthy manner
22. Increased personal integrity
23. Attain self mastery
24. Access your inner wisdom
25. Enjoy the clarity of a focused mind
26. Abundant inner guidance by maintaining a strong connection to Source
27. Live your Highest Life Path
28. Tap into your Will Power
29. Clear communication of your heart and mind
30. Experience the power of being grounded in physical and your Spiritual Higher Self simultaneously